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Aoife Dunne Artist


Aoife Dunne delves into the intricacies of contemporary existence through her ambitious digital installations, exploring the boundaries of perception and reality. Her immersive, multi-sensory environments fuse sculpture, video, sound, performance, technology, and costume, creating richly-hued realms that invite viewers to engage with a vibrant, transformative experience. With a discerning eye for color and form, dunne draws inspiration from a diverse array of influences, including digital and material culture, surrealism, and societal critique. Her work examines concepts of identity, intimacy, and the nature of reality, exploring the intersection between technology, art, and embodiment. She strives to construct surreal and playful environments that challenge viewers' perception of reality and blur the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds.

Currently based in both Dublin and Berlin, Aoife Dunne has exhibited extensively internationally, with her work showcased alongside renowned artists such as Keith Haring and pioneers of video art like Dara Birnbaum. Her art has been prominently featured in exhibitions at prestigious institutions, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, the Royal Academy of Arts London, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dunne's practice is characterized by its multidisciplinary nature, constantly pushing the boundaries of digital art and its exhibition. Her research centers around the profound impact of technology on our perception of place and the dynamic interplay between physical and virtual spaces, with a dedicated focus on exploring the transformative effects of these influences on reality, identity, and community.

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