Multidisciplinary Artist and Art Director, Aoife Dunne creates immersive, multihued, dreamlike, vivid playgrounds that conflate the two-dimensional moving image with the three dimensional arrangement of objects in a space. Inspired by everyday material culture, she curates found objects and patterns, making the familiar strange through hyperboles of form and colour. A fearless purveyor of fusing all manner of creative mediums (sculpture, technology, sound, performance and costume) with language that is rooted in post-pop and post-internet, her continent-crossing works submerge audiences into phantasmagorical, detail-driven virtual and physical worlds. At once dazzling and ominous, her surreal amalgams chart the psychological complexities, desires, and illusions that haunt late-capitalist culture, providing a critical take on contemporary realities, yet also exuberant and absurd. This designer of experiences is best known for her inimitable aesthetic and provoking work that endlessly pushes the boundaries between reality and utopia.