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Using expanded photographic methods of image processing, computational sculpture, digital painting, and 3D graphics, this site-specific work reaches a synthesis in which colour, light, movement, and space converge. KINETIC COMPULSIONS is inspired by the industrial nature and functionality of its surrounding environment, capturing the essence of motion and the passage of time, imbued with a futuristic aesthetic. The hyperreal compositions exhibit a dense abstraction that seamlessly balances movement and stillness, giving the illusion of perpetual change. The works are comprised of an eclectic blend of media, textures, and materials. The process of reworking and interweaving hundreds of layers of physical and digital material reflects a metaphor of unity and interaction, juxtaposed with the chaotic visual nature of the individual elements. This design aims to challenge the viewer's perception of the relationship between the virtual and the physical. The complex form of both the digital works and biomorphic neon sculpture suggests the folds and flow of energy, highlighting the fusion between technology and nature, embodying the central theme of the artist's long-standing exploration of hybrid worlds.


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